Thursday, April 15, 2010

nukilan daripada kekasih yang dicintai selalu..

You come into my life and light a sparks to it. you give me a new dimension in my life. A whole new definition to love, it feels like I am someone else when I am with you. I thought I want to give a shot of try. I thought it merely a crush, u light a sparks and soon it will fade and things will back to its normal order. Because at that moment, I know I am not the girl you would run for. I know I am the one you search. Because all those memories that left behind, it doesn’t remind you of me.
I don’t want to say goodbye to you. You are who set it up, and you are the one who made it starts. And I am the one who feeling lost. You want me to forget every little thing you said. And I move on. Trying my best not to build up my future from the broken pieces of my past.
Yet, somehow you come back. Giving another me another hope to spare, another dream to fill my days. I love being with you, you know. You are the most wonderful things happen in my life, and you a great companion to me. you might not able to give me all the things that I want, not even your time, but every moment we spent together is the moment that I wish the clock will stop ticking and what is left is only us being together. falling in love with you might not makes my world spin around, but it surely makes the ride worth-while. Thanks.
You know, we might not able to be together all the time, and how I wish things will always go in my way. Despite all the fight that we fought, all the tears that we cried, all the laughter that brings joys to us, I do love you a lot. As the time passes, things change, but I’ll always be here for you.