Tuesday, April 20, 2010


1 paper finished 7 left..
thanks god
because i have make an all out effort for my 1st subject in this final exam....
im really happy when leaving the examination's class because i left my answers sheet without empty..alhamdulillah..


before im forgot, i have to tell u all that i also happy this morning...hehe..when i call my mom,say that i got exam,she already pray for me in her subuh's prayer(reminder;subuh's prayer at sarawak is early then k.l)...when i text my girl and yet i got her reply with her wish me all the best....

it trigger me to set for the exam..hehe..the happiness not stop in there..for addition,my friend that i call her akak gave me a kek batik..it so delicious but i cant ate it alone because she want me to donate it to all my friends..huhuhu..but then,i thanks her too..:)(boleh jual..hehehe..)

i hope next paper,that is ethnic relation,i can do better than today..wish u all the best guys...lols

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